Our team makes sure that your money reach to your family, friends and loved ones with no delays.


We, at Zaland Services Ltd, use state of the art technology to keep your data secure and encrypted. We will be complying with all the AML/CFT regulations, GDPR and data protection policies.


You can rely on us by sending your money through our online portal, via our App or can visist us in branch.  We will try to give you best rate and best possible service.


Trusted Money Transfer

Zaland Services Ltd is incorporated by a team of highly skilled and professional individuals who have years of experience in the financial and money remittance sector. We recognised the need for a money transfer company to serve the community better, specially those hard working individuals who are supporting their family and friends abroad. We have no hidden charges or unexpected surprises. We are 100% transparent at what we do. You can also be rest assured that we are following and adhering to all the regulations with regards to Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of terrorism, GDPR rules, data protection and Policies and Procedure of our company, giving you a better and secure option to choose a company that you can trust.


We have opted to ensure complete difference from unreliable money transfer companies. Every transaction is done with increased security and can be traced to its ultimate beneficiary. You can also access your data with regards to your historical transactions over a period of time which will be securely stored in our ecrypted servers. The charges are 100% transparent and up-front. We endavour to provide you with a service that will be affordable, fair, secure, safe, and compliant.


To allow ease for people transferring money every day, we have a vision of delivering our services throughout the world. We have empowered and responsible employees to make fast transactions for you. Trust us once, and you will aid for our assistance again and again.

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